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September 4th, 2010

The Power Of Thought is the blog with the ideas, history and vision for the future of this foundation.  With readers, commenters and community we will be able to build a family of users who empower their lives with the technologies produced here.  With your guidance and our shared vision of what’s needed out there, I will do my utmost to create the tools to help you achieve that vision.  Apart we can create great things, together, we can change the world!

Thanks for being here.


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Limitless Possibilities!

September 3rd, 2010

In Early ‘89 I sat in a room, my first “training”  I sat and listened to the gentleman at the front of the room tell ME “Thoughts are things, they create your reality. If you want to change your reality, you must first change your thoughts”

I instantly understood two things. First, these words are TRUE.  No grey area, just truth. Second, I must devote my life to telling this to as many others as I possibly can. To spend the rest of my life sharing this idea. 

Well, I was 27, broke but happy.  I had a vision for my life although it was very fuzzy.  I had no clarity around it.  I only knew it would be fun to learn everything I needed to know to get ready to be onstage like the gentleman in the beginning of this story.  I spent the next many many years listening to and learning from such masters as Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Ken Blanchard, Robert Kiyosaki and many many others. Personal growth has been a part of my life for so long, why then am I still broke?  Its connected to the fuzziness of the 27 year old.  I never got any clarity on what I wanted to create.  Well, I have to announce to anyone listening, I HAVE MY CLARITY! 

Tuesday, the 24th of August, 2010 will forever be a red letter day for me!  I finally got the vision of how I can give of myself to many people and make a profound difference in their lives!  I can spread my message in the form of Guided meditations!  Since hypnosis can have many different types of results, I intend on focusing on the truths I have learned from the countless hours of tapes, seminars, videos and classes I have attended in the area of peak performance and personal growth.  Is it just me or is that about the most exciting thing you have ever heard!

Thank you, for reading and commenting. 


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Guided Meditation and Hypnosis; the same thing.

September 1st, 2010

Many years ago, I heard about this guy who just got back from Machu Picchu, Peru.  I have always wanted to go, it being one of the seven spiritual centers of the world.  This guy, Michael, was in town to teach a certification class in hypnotherapy.  When I talked to him, he said come to the class, we can talk at the breaks, after class, etc.  I agreed and went.  I had been doing meditation and guiding others on inner journeys for about 9 years at that point.  What I discovered really shocked me.  I had been doing the work of hypnosis for all those years!  What a shock!  Now please forgive me for being a little dense, it just recently occurred to me that I could design meditations for a specific outcome!  I haven’t done much hypnotherapy. That, along with the fact that all the meditations I lead are a surprise to me sort of blocked that distinction.  When I say a surprise, I mean I have no idea where they are going until we all go there.  I simply allow them to come thru me.  Its rather freeing to not have to control, memorize or design anything.  I just let it happen.  Fun because I get the journey as much as everyone else.  I remember one New Years Morning several years ago when I was invited to lead a sunrise meditation at the beach.  I hadn’t done one in a while and didn’t know how it would go.  There were a lot of people there, of whom I didn’t know anyone except the person who invited me and I hadn’t met her in person before then.  These people were certain it would be a great experience and even though I didn’t share their certainty, I went ahead.  It went great! 

I have been thinking about a way to do this for many people around the world.  I am a fan of several podcasts and thought I could produce a weekly meditation and distribute it for free!  With the tools available now, I could help a lot of people and have a ton of fun in the process!  I have been getting the hardware, the site, the domains, etc. together for the last couple of years. There are a couple more pieces of this puzzle to put into place then I will ROCK!  It will be a wild ride!  I hope many of you enjoy it even a little bit as much as I will! 


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More History

August 29th, 2010

I have always been drawn to the spiritual side of life. My focus at a very early age was “where did I come from and where do I go when I die?”  Being surrounded by people who had a definite lack of interest in that area of study, I soon gave up asking them for answers.  I got a little jaded and decided I would just have to live to the end of my life to find out.  Now remember, these were BURNING questions in my mind.  Waiting 60 or 70 years was unbearable but I didn’t see any other option. This lead to a certain disdain for my life and living a life of insane risks. For example, I became a Union Ironworker.  You know, those guys who put hi-rise buildings up.  So there I was, at age 19, walking steel beams several hundred feet above the ground.  Usually high on various substances like pot (my favorite at that time) alcohol, valium, etc.  There were many areas I took equal risks yet the result was the same. I survived everything.  I began to realize I must have some purpose for being here and I wasn’t going to get out of this life so easily.

Then I met a group of seekers in ‘88 or so.  I was 27 and had all but forgotten my ardent desire to LEARN.  These people weren’t only learning, they were directing their experience with love and compassion for each other and themselves.  I was like a guy falling into a stream of pure cold water being unaware I was dying of thirst.  I got to immerse myself into the learning, growing and becoming.  I found a love for myself and my life I didn’t think possible.  I learned I am a pretty great guy and I have a lot to offer the world!  I fell in love with ME for the first time in my life.  It changed everything! Instead of being angry in traffic, I could feel love for every other person out there.

Over the years, I let that part of myself go in the daily struggles of life, becoming a father, working to pay the bills, etc.  Now I am being reminded that I can live my passion in service and help those who are ready to experience the joys I know firsthand.

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Welcome to Merlin’s Meditations!

August 29th, 2010

This is the place for the latest updates, podcast episodes, products and tips.

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Here we go!

August 27th, 2010

When I first got online in ‘96 I had a great time.  I met lots of cool folks and had tons of interesting conversations. I am still friends with some of you. Tubbs, that means you. I was invited to lead a weekly chat group. The subject of the group was basically Spirituality In Today’s World. I really loved that time in my life and the energy of the group.  I am going to revisit that early time and bring it up to date. So here is the latest iteration.

I love meditation!  What its done for me, how I feel helping others experience and learn it and most importantly, how it feels in a group. (get your mind out of the gutters!)

I believe true healing can take place while meditating. That power is expanded exponentially when there are more people joining in.

I am looking to lead more groups, learn what people are curious about and helping them find their answers.

Any feedback would be great.  I am considering some ustream.tv stuff. Maybe an audio file to download and play on your mp3 player.  Just riffing here, still in planning stages.  Just wanted to give the few people I know the heads up.  Let me know what YOU want and how I could help you in this area!



PS. Coming soon, Merlin’s Meditations

PPS. Don’t go there now, Its really horrible.

PPPS, Here is a little background on the direction. Read @Garyvee’s book Crush It! to get a clearer understanding

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